“Pop up” to the World of Sports

In 2011 adidas Originals organizes 6 pop-up stores with guerrilla tactics in the German-speaking area. Projektpilot constructs this unique shop concept custom-made for the adidas collection „ransom“ and „blue“.

Only the ones who will be in the right place at the right time can purchase the exclusive collections. The pop-up stores open only for a short time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Only invited guest know the locations. They are communicated through social media channels. The stores in urban style are 40 to 90 sqm large. Not only the materials like the store furniture consisting of steel tubes, exposed cables or the illumination with simple light bulbs is simple. The products also seem to be hung randomly on the system. But anything is left to chance: There is a system behind it all developed by Projektpilot. It can be put up within on day on site with one hex key.

Client: adidas AG      
Area:  40-90 sqm
Location: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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