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Trademarketing is all in

The trade marketing campaign “adidas is all in” positions the key products ‘adizero F 50 Football’ and ‘adizero F50 Runner’ as well as ‘Clima Cool’ – all three trainers – at the Point of Sale (POS) drawing big attention to their distinctive features: lightness and speed stand for adizero, Clima Cool offers cooling ventilation.  In order to reach out to young people with the campaign, adidas starts activities like flash mobs and other dynamic promotion activities that lead to the Point of Sale design arranged by Projektpilot. The transport of the USP, the direct connection to the brand campaign that was present all over Germany and the emotional approach of the Point of Sale were decisive for the development of the activities in order to increase the customer presence at the POS.

With the Clima Cool campaign “Living Dolls”, for example, seemingly frozen street artists in pedestrian precincts draw the attention on the Clima Cool shoes, which are frozen in ice cubes. If a pedestrian manages to free the shoe from the oversized lump of ice - be it with a skateboard or a frisbee – he is given a new pair of Clima Cool shoes in the store. At the Point of Sale the key products are sensationally placed by an dynamic POS design  - be it via interactive window displays, signage systems, highlight presenters or numerous different shop modules.  These visualize the distinctive features of Clima Cool and adizero with the respective design and extend the key story spatially. The colourfulness of the Clima Cool series is interactively conveyed in the window displays. With the help of smartphones, pedestrians can bathe the window displays in the 15 different Clima Cool colours. The dynamic is intensified when two pedestrians compete with their smartphones for the favourite window display colour in a colour battle. From there pixelated signage systems in the Clima Cool colours lead to the Point of Sale. The topic Clima Cool is supported by backlit presentation cubes that quote pixels and by large banners whose colours match. The topic “light makes fast” of the adizero key products is visualized by dynamically folded shop modules in bright orange and green, which optimally highlight the products on the high-gloss black background.

The trade marketing campaign “adidas is all in” in figures:
•    17 activations at top customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
•    11 event tool and promotion activities
•    30 window displays
•    6 different blow-ups
•    118 floor signage systems
•    15 highlight presenters
•    10 back walls
•    30 shoe shelves
•    more than 350 m² additional exhibition area
•    250 promotion days
•    12 operation days of the  “all in” cube